Why These Simple Tactics Outperform Facebook Every Day Of The Week

In today’s episode, I am going to go a little bit retro on you.

We are going to step back to the days before social media existed and I am going to share a couple of tactics that kick Facebook’s butt when it comes to engagement and getting noticed. You don’t have to worry about your clients stopping the scroll when you use them and bang for buck, they are one of the cheapest ways to market with high engagement.

Now for this idea, I want you to think back to a more traditional form of marketing.

Today I want to talk to about direct mail. But in a slightly different form to what you might remember.

Here are some ideas on how I have used this simple concept of sending something in the mail and also how some of my clients have, with much success.

Some ideas on how to use this simple concept

Idea 1 – a branded card
I have a card that is A6 says and it has never let anyone dull your sparkle in my brand colours on it.
I use this in different ways.
I have sent as a nice to meet you after an event.
I have sent when I joined a networking group to each member.
I have sent to new clients as a welcome.
I have sent as a birthday, congrats, thank you card.

It makes an impression every time, usually gets a response and is often kept, keeping me top of mind.

What it costs:
Design in Canva – FREE
Printing of 250 cards – $50AU
Send 20 at a time – $22AU

Idea 2 – a campaign postcard
This is a postcard designed for a specific campaign or concept.

This is to send to prospects of people I am connected to on LinkedIn. The idea of bringing the online, offline and creating a touch point to start a conversation in the real world.

It takes thought & effort, is personalised and even if not relevant for them now, will form a positive impression.

You could do the same by sending a referral card to existing or past clients and asking them to refer a potential client with you.

Idea 3 – Creative direct mail peace with a visual

I love this idea so much I am starting a new service for my clients around it. I have done this many times over the years and the idea of sending a strong visual.

Some of the things I have done in the past:

  • Sending a pizza with a “Thanks for being a pizza the action” note
  • Sending a chocolate with a “Let’s sweeten the deal” note
  • Sending an apple with “Food for thought” note

I have soooo many ideas about ways to send a visual that gets immediate engagement with a prospect or client. They don’t need to be expensive as some of these examples show.

Why this works

  • No one does it anymore
  • It stands out
  • It creates immediate engagement
  • It illicits a response and starts a conversation
  • They will keep it on their desk for a while
  • They will share /tell others

How to do it effectively

  • Search for ideas – I love Pinterest for this
  • Plan it as part of a campaign – extend it to include online elements via EDM, video, SMS etc
  • Be clear on your objective and what you want the receiver to do next
  • Be targeted
  • Consider timing and context – when will they receive it
  • Plan ahead – example: if you are going to do a Xmas campaign, work backwards from your deadline and make sure you have everything you need – artwork, coloured envelopes, addresses, time to get approvals– whatever you need

Tools to use

Design in Canva
Print using Vista print
Buy coloured envelopes or satchels in your brand

What now?

If you want ideas and inspiration for a campaign, or you’re not very creative and want a creative mind to help you, then I invite you to get in touch with me and I can work with you to design, plan and execute a creative direct mail campaign to target your prospects or clients.

Email me at tanya@digitalconversations.com.au.

Join the waitlist for the Sales Without Socials online program

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– Tanya

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