The Power of Google Reviews & Reputation Marketing – Interview with Karl Schwantes

Google is a word that can be a lot scary at times, however if you want to know how to harness the power it can provide to your business without spending a huge amount of time on it, you need to listen to the episode and take notes.

I am talking to Karl Schwantes, founder of 5 Star Reviews, who has not only successfully used Google Reviews and Google My Business to significantly grow his business but has helped many of his clients do the same. You will be surprised how simple it really is.

  • Google Reviews show up on under the ads and above organic traffic in the maps area.
  • 83% of people ignore conventional ads now.
  • Google has a vested interest in making it work for local businesses who want to attract more of their local client.
  • The person who is the most trusted on the internet is the one that gives the enquiries – this is about your reputation but there are no shortcuts.
  • This is a philosophy – it’s a new way to do business.
  • The first 100 is the hardest but will help you accelerate.
  • Google loves Quality, Quantity and Recency.
  • Google Reviews are a form of front SEO that people can see immediately.
  • Doesn’t matter what size your business is, it can work for you.
  • Average person can spend 30-60 minutes a week to get results.
  • To set up, work through the list on the side of your Google my Business profile.
  • Do some keyword discovery to take it to the next level.
  • Reviews are important as they are social proof.
  • People want to find out who is the best in a fast way.
  • Good reviews can eliminate a lot of your competition.
  • There are 5 different levels of a Google review
    • Longer reviews and photos = better quality review
  • Google are gamifying reviews and giving points for quality reviews.
  • Good google reviews convert faster and usually spend more – they are literally pre-converted
  • You can turn a 1-star review into a 4- or 5-star review with 3 simple steps.

Also ask your customers:

  • How did they find you?
  • Why did you choose you?

3 practical things to do to get great reviews

  • Have a remarkable client experience
  • Ask everybody
  • Add photos to your profile – team, business, products, etc

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