Why You Need to Swap Ads for Adds

We’re going to look at why you need to dump those under performing Facebook ads.

And focus on a different type of add (one with a dd) and I am not talking about bra size LOL. This add is where you can find hidden gold.

Too many B2B service based businesses think they are the holy grail. And they are far from it.

  • Ad prices are increasing.
  • Eyeballs are decreasing and this will only get worse.
  • You used to be able to generate leads for a few cents now that is impossible.

Ads can work well for ecommerce stores and hospitality however you need to be mindful of the cost per lead that it does generate and the repetitive nature to your target audience. I have a few fashion stores I follow but I see the ads way too much and often the product they are promoting is sold out so they are paying and not getting a sale.


So instead of focusing on Facebook and Insta ads you need to focus on another kind of ad – adding people to your database, mailing list – whatever you want to call it.


Why adding people to your database is that important?

  • Adding prospects / leads / potential clients to your database which you have 100% control over
  • Communication with existing clients -touch points and reminders
  • Start Conversations with past clients – they might need to engage you for another project – stay top of mind.
  • Connect with referral partners and collaborators

Why is it so effective?

  • Existing clients are warmer as they have already done business with you
  • You can nurture and build a relationship with potential new clients
  • If you send email marketing blasts that educate rather than sell, you are adding value and helping them grow
  • They are already familiar with you on some level
  • It costs nothing to do
  • Email still outperforms social media for ROI
  • Most people check their email first thing when they wake up

Why spend money to get a new client when a past client already knows you and can probably use your services again?


Social media is not where you want your followers to be.

  • You don’t own your social media page or followers
  • You don’t own your content
  • You have no control over who sees your content and when

Encourage them to join your list which you 100% own and control – incentive, lead magnet, exclusive content, bonuses, free consults, tie in with charity like B1G1.


How to grow your followers / fan / list

  • Lead magnets (talk more about that in another episode) but you need at least one
  • Call-to-actions on blogs/ written content
  • Collaborations & partnerships
  • Webinars – I invite people to follow up or sign up for a lead magnet
  • Incentives & Competitions
  • Podcast
  • Add to Video tails
  • Events (online and offline)
  • A QR code on a card to hand out at a speaking event

ALWAYS be looking for ways to grow your list directly


Next steps for you?

  • Set up a basic database if you don’t have one – Mailchimp, Active Campaign, Vision 6…
  • Segment your lists as you want to send relevant information to your clients so they don’t unsubscribe – DO NOT SEND AN EMAIL to your entire list.
  • Create Email footers / Call-to-action banners for blogs, etc to move and remind people to subscribe.
  • If you don’t have a lead magnet then create one – doesn’t need to be a big process. Simple checklist or an on-demand video could work
  • Regular communication once you have this set up (more on that in another episode).

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