How This Design Queen Defied The Norm, Ditched Socials and Hasn’t Looked Back

If you have ever thought about ditching social media marketing but been a bit scared of what impact it may have on your business, then you will want to listen to this episode because I am talking to a design queen who defied the norm, ditched socials and hasn’t looked back. This might be the little bit of inspiration you are looking for.

In today’s episode I am talking to Kylie Harber, Design queen and solopreneur about her experience with using social media to market her business.

Kylie shares:

  • What strategies she used when she started her business
  • When & how she discovered what was actually working for her
  • What she was afraid of about stepping back from social media
  • What sorts of marketing she focuses on now
  • What are her best performing marketing channels
  • How stepping back from social marketing has impacted her business and how she is feeling in herself
  • What ditching social has allowed her to focus on

 Listen to Kylie’s journey and take some inspiration on her experience.

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