Words, Words, Words (Why Your Copy is Central to Generating Leads for Your Business)

Words are super powerful, especially when it comes to your marketing. The words you use on your website, your content, your email marketing, your packaging, pitch docs…everything is central to attracting the perfect fit clients for your business.

In today’s episode, I am talking to the word guru, director and boss lady of Bossy Creative, Alyce Greer.

I am in love with their brand and how they have used words to create huge business growth and transform not just their business but their clients, too.

You will not only love Alyce but you will love the tips she shares for even the most unsavvy of writers.

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Your copy connects you to people. There are so many opportunities to connect with your audience and every touchpoint is an opportunity to connect with your audience like nothing else. Think emails, website, packaging, messages, pitch docs…everything!

Copy connects you with people, shows we understand them, and have a solution for them. This is all explained using words.  It has never been more important to hook your audience and convince them to read (but stopping them scrolling and clicking).

Biggest mistakes business owners make when writing copy?

  1. Don’t understand the importance of words to generate business. It should be included at the start of the business journey. So, they spend thousands on the website but nothing on the copy that goes on it. Copy is equally important to your design. Don’t leave it as an after thought.
  2. Using too many jargoning words or generic words that aren’t super clear about what you do.
  3. Not infusing your personality in your brand copy & tone of voice.

How you write copy when you are not creative or confident?

If you have a business then you are already creative. Our level of creativity varies so remember these 2 key points:

  1. Know who you are – Don’t be scared of words. Your personality doesn’t have to be big bold, sparkly, or confident. What makes you special? Use those personality traits into your copy. Be authentically you so that your copy reflects who you truly are.
  2. Know your customer – What do they respond to? What will be relatable for them? Speak like a human, not a brand. You cannot please everyone so focus on the audience that you want to work with.

Tips for writing for SEO purposes

Use keyword research tools like Google keywords and weave them through your copy. Don’t be too repetitive and it needs to sound natural. Start with the tone first then pepper in the keywords after this. You don’t want it to sound robotic.

Blog content is so important and tools like Answer the Public help greatly.

Why Chat GPT doesn’t replace a copywriter?

Chat cannot compare with a human. It is great for a starting point, to get a skeleton for your content or inspire you. But it needs to be personalised and needs your expertise. Don’t rely on it to write all your copy.

When do you need to hire a copywriter?

Don’t leave it to fate. I like to come in once the website design has been completed. It makes it easier to work to the design and structure of website. Also depends on the project and size as that will vary. Think about where you have copy and what are the priorities that can convert them to a paying client. The brand filters through everything in your business, not just your website.

What is Bossy Copy College?

DIY Copy College is training for people who needed a copywriting but couldn’t afford to work with us. You work through tone of voice and brand building modules to create your own for your business. Then you start to write your copy using our frameworks allowing you create everything you need.

Next steps

  • Step back and look at your copy – is it speaking to you anymore? Does it need some work to make it feel like you?
  • Do an audit on your website and blog content so you can drive more organic traffic to your content.
  • Review your email sequences so they are on brand and encourage people to take action.
  • Think about your brand as a whole and filter your personality through everything you do.

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