Confidently Create Video (even if you are scared of being on camera)

Video didn’t kill the radio star, but it can create massive engagement and help you attract the right fit clients to you. If the thought of creating video scares you, then you definitely need to listen to this episode. You don’t have to be a glamazon, remember a huge script, or even be on camera to create video content. But you need to be creating it as the search engines love it and so will potential clients.

I am going to share my tips based on many years of creating video content – I’ll share my mistakes, the simple things that make a massive difference, and a step-by-step framework that makes creating video easy for absolutely anyone.

Hands up if the thought of doing video content scares the crap out of you??

What I am going to share with you today:

  • Why you need to video content
  • How to create it & tips when filming
  • Types of videos you can create
  • How it can be used to stand out and generate sales

Why you need to do video content?

  • Google loves it
  • Helps with SEO –
  • Great for storytelling
  • It will increase conversion rates:
  • Help increase the understanding of your product
  • Video is in demand by your audience
  • It is memorable
  • It is highly engaging

How to create it & tips when filming


Be prepared – have your scripts written and upload them to a teleprompter. Having a script is going to help you feel more confident as you wont be worried about forgetting key points. So that is one less thing to worry about. That is why having a teleprompter makes it so much easier for you.

Consider Lighting – You don’t need fancy lighting at all. Just film in a room that has good natural light or even head outside and change up your location.

Use a lapel mic – This greatly improves sound quality. Plugs directly into your phone and helps to minimise background noise too

What to wear – the first question most women ask themselves.  Avoid stripes or anything with a lot of pattern as this can look blurry on film. Solid blocks of colour are good. And try to keep big distracting jewellery to a minimum

Batch content and film more than 1 at a time. Saves you a lot of set up time


Let’s address the tech stuff first as this is what often overwhelms people and stops them from using vide. Some of the best videos I have seen are not in a studio, they are people out in real life situations filming relevant content to share. It is real and relatable, and that often includes background noise and the unexpected.

You no longer need fancy equipment to create an engaging video All you need is your Phone / lapel mic, ideally a stand for phone


    • I have a stand with a ring light that I put my phone,
    • Attach the lapel mic
    • Open the BigVu app (which I use – more on that in a bit)
    • Hit record
    • And off I go

Editing – This is the stuff that scares many people. So I outsource it. You can find someone one upwork or fiver to edit videos very cheaply.


If you want to try it yourself use simple programs like I movie or movie maker. You can also edit in BigVu.


Add captions – or LinkedIn can autogenerate these

Types of videos you can create:

1. On camera – Always better as you are not only building your profile but people get to see you, see your body language and your personality It feels more engaging.

2. Off camera

  • Video of behind the scenes eg: if it is a product it could be how it is made. If you have a service you could share a Video of your service in action – the processes you follow, your team in action, a screen recording of how to do something
  • Training videos for onboarding team members
  • Animation / doodle
  • Whiteboard and explainer video
  • Turn a blog into a video using a tool called Lumen 5 – Lumen 5 is a free cloud based platform that allows you to put the link of the blog into it and it will turn that into a draft video. You can then personalise it by changing the images, text, add slides, add music

How it can be used to generate leads?

Firstly think of using video to make your stand out – a Point of difference

  • Sent quick video to a potential client – use a Loom or Bonjouro or just film on your phone
  • Send a thank you video
  • Create a fun welcome video – gifs and other images
  • Send video with a pitch of proposal – that alone has won me clients because it shows a POD
  • Use in on your LinkedIn profile – go to mine to see my profile
  • Add to your website / landing pages / about us -especially if your competition is NOT doing it
  • Include in your email marketing or LinkedIn newsletters
  • Follow up videos after you have sent a proposal
  • Create interactive videos as lead generation tools on your website –

I mentioned that one thing that makes all the difference at the start of the episode.


You will not get more confident or better at filming video if you do not practice

Just because you film something doesn’t mean you have to show it to anyone. You can film it then review it, then make mental notes on what to chance to do it better

Do that over and over again and if you can making small changes as needed you WILL get better

You will also feel more confident.


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