Putting The Human Into Your Marketing with Mark LeBusque

Who do you do business with? Usually, it is people you like or resonate or relate with on some level. Being you and keeping it real are part of marketing and they are actually becoming one of the most important things you can do as part of your marketing efforts.

Today, I am talking to the Human Manager himself, Mark LeBusque about why being relatable, building real connection, and sharing your story (basically being human) is such a massively important part of your marketing. Mark has some great tips to share that I know you will get huge value from.

Some great points from the podcast – but strongly recommend listening to the full episode.

  • What does being human really mean? Being human is perfectly imperfect. We need to be conscious of not losing our humanity in a business context.
  • We want to feel connected and crave connection with others, and that applies to business, too.
  • Being human so important in marketing? Why? Because you are dealing with people and they relate to the human story.
  • People want to feel a sense of belonging and also want to advocate for your business.
  • Often there is fear about sharing too much of our story and being vulnerable. Think of it like walking into a pool. Do it gradually then as you feel more comfortable, keep going further into the pool.
  • Being human doesn’t mean moving at warp speed – we are trying to change beliefs, behaviour, and values but you need to have consistency.
  • Stories attract the people you want to work with. You need to be courageous in what you want to share.
  • Connection and belonging are integral to marketing and your story.
  • There has been a shift to in person connection and conversation and there is so much value in real life conversations.
  • And we finished the interview with Mark’s thoughts on Chat GPT (but how does it align to personal values & being human – Listen to the full episode to dive deeper).

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