Why Social Media Is The Sugar In Your Marketing Mix

Your marketing is made up of lots of ingredients to bring it all together. Social media is the sugar in the marketing mix- it gives you a quick hit but the feeling doesn’t last. Instead, you need the protein to build the muscle and make you stronger. Just like your marketing! I dive deeper into this in this episode.

So, what exactly do I mean about social media being the sugar? It’s the icing on the cake, it tastes good, is quick and easy to consume and cheap to get.

Why is it the unhealthy sugar of the marketing mix?

  • It gives you a quick dopamine hit or that sugar high
  • Which doesn’t last
  • It is not sustainable – you cannot just live on the sugar
  • The content & hit disappears quickly which makes you question your ability & skills
  • You come down quick and hard – big dose of reality when you have spent a bunch of work to get big fat zero results
  • It doesn’t put money in your bank
  • Can take a long time to ween off it because you are so used to it

The BIG ONE – it adds calories you don’t need.

Instead, you need the protein to build the muscle and make you stronger. Just like your marketing!

You need to focus on sustainable, long term marketing strategies that build your core

That is what makes you stronger – think of it as your core foundation much like your core muscles – those ones that hold you up and make you stronger

What protein do you need to make your marketing stronger?

  • You need a strong website
  • You need to build you own list
  • Key or pillar Content
  • A consistent Brand
  • And let’s not forget about YOUR special sauce

Protein is better for you than sugar. It is focused on making your stronger not adding calories that are burned up super fast (and disappear quicker than a facebook post)

Protein provides sustainable, longer term results. Yes building muscle takes time but heck, it is worth it for the results.

What now?

If you want help removing some of the sugar from your marketing, I would suggest starting with a 2-hour exploration session so we can uncover the missed opportunities and gaps that are costing your business. You will find all the details at Or email me at

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