Email Is Not Dead – This Is How To Get Its Sparkle Back

Email continues to perform as an effective marketing channel, crushing social media in terms of visibility and open rates. Yes, it may have lost some sparkle with the dominance of social media platforms suffocating many other marketing efforts but there are still many reasons to do them and the great thing is, they don’t rely on algorithms to get seen. Stay tuned as I unpack what you need to know to improve your email marketing efforts.

Reasons why it is still so powerful for B2B business owners

  • You control it
  • You own your list
  • It gets seen as it goes directly to your client or prospect’s inbox
  • You can be highly targeted
  • It is free
  • You can leverage other content into emails

So if you are doing email campaigns but feel like it isn’t performing for you how do you get better results?

How to get better results

What is Your goal? Is it to improve conversions at specific parts of the customer journey, or to nurture leads to customers to generate direct sales of a specific product, and drive more traffic to your website or blog? Be clear before you start.

Have a plan to build your list

You should also focus on building your own list over adding fans or followers on social media.

Learn about your audience

You hopefully have a good idea of who your audience is. But you can always go deeper.

Make sure your list is updated

The most common cause for emails getting put into spam is because of a ‘dirty list’ – very old contacts who mark your emails as spam, invalid email addresses, and a high bounce rate. Clean your lists.

Your headline is everything
This is what is going to make someone want to open it. So make the headline super juicy, really interesting, quirky, and make the prospect wonder, “Wow, what is that about?”

Give them a simple next step

By providing an enticing preview of the listing, blog article, or call-to-action, you will significantly increase your click-through rates, website traffic, and engagement.


Use their name at the very least. An email that says, “Hey you,” or worst still has no greeting is not going to endear you to your target clients.

Make it relevant- Segment your email sends

If you have 5,000 people on your list – they are made up of different segments or types of people. You will get better results sending smaller targeting emails to smaller relevant groups than blasting everyone with the same message.

Content that serves, educates, and adds value

As much as you are tempted to share as much stuff about you and your services as possible, resist the temptation. If you want your clients and prospects to stay engaged with you, then be engaging. Add some humour to otherwise dry topic, be a little controversial, add a gif, dumb down your content in a way your audience understands.

Keep it simple – it is not war & peace

I see this often with professional services when they send an email that reads like War & Peace. Waaaaay too long, full of text, and boring as watching grass grow.

A/B Testing

Consider looking at industry benchmarks to see how your performance stacks up when compared to your competitors. 

Make it look less like a marketing email

If you don’t want your emails to look like marketing blasts then change the design. Remove the header and footers. Keep the content to a short amount of text and make it look like a direct email.


So before you tell me your email marketing doesn’t work for you, I suggest you go back through this podcast and make a note of what you are not doing and refine what you are doing.

What now?

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