Pinterest Is The Hidden Gem Of The Marketing World

When you think of social media, you think of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Pinterest is often thought of as a poor cousin and only relevant for pretty or creative style businesses for many. And you too have probably thought of it as a social media channel, but in reality, it’s actually a powerful search engine. I will explain more in today’s episode – don’t miss learning about this hidden gem of the marketing world.

Today I am talking about Pinterest which might think is strange.

When we think of social media, platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter come to mind. Pinterest is often thought of as a poor cousin and only relevant for pretty or creative style businesses for many. And you have probably thought of it as a social media channel, but in reality, it’s actually a powerful search engine.

It is a real hidden gem and I am going to explain why. Let’s start with some of the stats

  • 463 million monthly active users in April 2023
  • There are more than 2 billion monthly searcheson Pinterest. The platform also drives 5% of all referral traffic
  • 13 million(+2.9%) in the three months leading up to April 2023
  • Pinterest’s advertising audience reach grew by 2% over the past 12 months compared to 5% for Facebook
  • 79% of users are Female

Unlike traditional social media platforms where people primarily share personal updates and engage with others, Pinterest focuses on discovering and organizing ideas. It’s a platform where users can find inspiration, save and curate content, and explore their interests.

The search capabilities of Pinterest are what make it such a valuable tool for businesses.

It functions primarily as a visual search engine, a very powerful search engine, allowing users to find ideas, inspiration, and solutions to their problems through images and videos.

When you think about it, people go to Pinterest with intent, actively seeking solutions, products, or inspiration. It’s a platform where users are already in a mindset of discovering and exploring new things. Just like Google.

Why use it?

  • It converts more browsers into buyers
  • Drives a ton of traffic
  • Pins get you more inbound links
  • User engagement is high
  • Good place to discover trends and do research

So, how can businesses leverage Pinterest to tap into this hidden gem of marketing potential?

You don’t have to sell a visual product or have a creative business to be on Pinterest which is a common misconception. Any business can put content on it – the key is to make your pins, visually appealing and engaging. High-quality images and videos that showcase your products or services can attract users’ attention and drive them to explore further

Keywords and descriptions play a crucial role in Pinterest’s search functionality. By incorporating relevant keywords into your pin descriptions and board titles, you increase the chances of your content being discovered by users.

Pinterest’s algorithm relies heavily on keywords, so it’s essential to optimize your content

Pinterest allows businesses to create an immersive brand experience through visually engaging content. With eye-catching images and videos, businesses can inspire users, showcase their expertise, and build brand affinity.

And the best part is that Pinterest’s long-lasting nature allows content to continue generating engagement and driving traffic to a business’s website for months or even years after it’s initially pinned.


Where to start on Pinterest

  • optimize your Pinterest profile by using relevant keywords in your descriptions, boards, and pin titles.
  • focus on creating high-quality, visually appealing pins that grab attention and provide value to users.
  • You want to post a few pins every day if you can to get your content out there.
  • make sure to monitor your analytics to understand what content resonates with your audience and refine your strategy accordingly.

This creates an opportunity for B2B businesses to stand out and gain a competitive advantage.

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What now?

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