How To Use ChatGPT For Your Content Marketing

ChatGPT is currently the word on everyone’s lips. In this episode, I interview Leanne Shelton of Write Time Marketing and discuss how ChatGPT fits in with your marketing, what you need to know about how it impacts your searchability on Google, when and why you would use it for content, and the absolute key thing that cannot ever be replaced by AI.

Keep listening as I talk to Leanne who not only understands this thing we call ChatGPT but trains businesses how to use it effectively, too.

  • ChatGPT is a great starting point to get ideas and to draft an outline. It is not going to create a finished piece of content that you should use in your marketing.

  • The key is what you put in to ask a question – rubbish in and rubbish out. Be as detailed as possible when you prompt it. Be as specific as you can.

  • Remember that ChatGPT is not real time data and only has data until 2021 so you won’t get recent data.

  • Make sure you read any output carefully as it is often repetitive or have incorrect grammar or spelling. It doesn’t give you original content.

  • Add human experience, story, testimonials, headings & bullet points, latest stats, a call-to-action and anything that adds your expertise and human element.

  • Remember that not adding the human element and using whatever Chat GPT generates will impact your reputation and brand. Take the time to massage the content that comes from ChatGPT.

Top 3 practical tips to using it:

  1. Make sure you provide a quality prompt
  2. Understand its limitations and what tone of voice you want it to have
  3. Use it as a starting point or first draft ONLY.

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