How To Win Grants To Pay For Your Marketing

Are you a bit scared and overwhelmed of grants? Sure it’s great to get an injection of cash to help with your marketing but getting it is often confusing and feels way too hard. Today, I talk to Emily Ridley who is going to break it all down and share simple and practical tips on where to start and what to do for greater success in winning a grant.

Where to find grants

  • Smarty grants
  • Grantsliink
  • Local, state, and federal government websites

Where to start

  • Know where you need help and how much that is going to cost you
  • Do your research
  • See what types of grants are available

Tips to increase your chances of winning a grant

  • Design the project in your head first – what you do with the money and how would it benefit your business
  • Look at your numbers and make sure your numbers are realistic
  • What will a successful project look like for you?
  • Start small with local grants first

What now?

If you want help with your marketing, I would suggest starting with a 2-hour exploration session so we can uncover the missed opportunities and gaps that are costing your business. You will find all the details at Or email me at

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