The Most Powerful Lead Starter Is This

In a world obsessed with feeding more and more content into social media feeds, that are becoming less and less effective, it is time to consider a simpler, practical and more effective approach. One that works every single time and doesn’t cost a thing.

The key is in how you think about lead generation to start with.

So this is the secret: lead generation is just about starting conversations.

Let me repeat that: lead generation is just about starting conversations.

Yep. Groundbreaking stuff, right?

Every client you have now, started with a conversation of some sort, whether it was online or offline. What you are doing is starting conversations with people who might be intrigued or interested in your product or service.

Starting conversations involves more than just feeding stuff into social media feeds.

Think about the days before the internet and social media. Sales and marketing were focused on prospecting, setting meetings, and having conversations. I know, I used to do it as an Account Manager and BDM all those years ago. It was hard but it was also rewarding, resulted in bigger sales and longer-term relationships.

How do you start a conversation?

Create an opportunity to have a conversation, start a conversation, or continue a conversation.

This could be after meeting at an event, through an introduction from a mutual connection, reaching out to a business owner you admire or someone else from a mutual friend group, or reconnecting with past contacts… When you think about it, there really are a lot of opportunities to do this in a comfortable way.

Get personal and stop being general

Nothing beats the personal touch. We are people buying from other people.

A personalised, tailored outreach works better even if you don’t get the immediate response or outcome you want to get. How do you know that person? What is the connection you have? Or shared interest or group you have?


  • Pick up the phone and talk to a prospect – share a business case or find something personal to connect on
  • Relationships take time – you probably won’t sell to them on the first meeting (unless it is super relevant at the time) but you probably shouldn’t try to either. I have found that the best relationships in business are the ones that have taken longer to build and for them to become a client. Because you know each other better
  • Follow-up – a lot of opportunity is lost in the follow-up. – I use the rule of 3. The first message is a simple circling back to our conversation last week. 2nd message might be, “Did you have any questions I haven’t answered?” 3rd message might be, “Hey, seems like this isn’t really a priority for you. But you have my details, get in touch when you are ready.”


You can start conversations online as well.

  • Email marketing still works – a short succinct email that asks a question can start a dialogue.
  • Direct email – get introduced by someone, find something in common, share an idea, provide a business case
  • LinkedIn direct message – re-engage with an old contact or reach out to a new one that has a shared interest.

What is the one thing every business relationship I have built, has in common?

It started with a conversation.

Don’t overcomplicate your lead generation. Get back to basics and start more quality conversations and you will win more business.


What now?

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– Tanya

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