How To Use Reviews, Newsjacking, And Leverage To Spark Massive Growth For Your B2B Business

So often we forget the power of simple things to spark growth in our businesses, especially in the B2B space. In this episode, I am talking to someone who has leveraged the power of reviews & newsjacking amongst other things, and why that has been a game changer to massive growth for them and the space they have in the traditional industry that they have totally disrupted. Stay tuned if you want to follow in their successful footsteps. 

Lawpath is in a traditional industry but doesn’t have a traditional offering. Their marketing journey has changed from inception to now.

What we cover in this interview:

  • How they started with their marketing
  • The big role that SEO & keywords played to help people find them in the beginning
  • Why have reviews been so powerful
  • What is newsjacking and how they have used it as a law firm
  • Why newsjacking has been successful for Lawpath
  • How they have leveraged content and reviews in marketing
  • Why has this been so effective and powerful to grow the brand and generate new business?
  • What one marketing tactic has stood out as the most effective for them
  • Top 3 tips for time poor busy business owners that don’t have much time to do what they should be doing.

What now?

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