The Social Media Shift – Why Businesses Are Ditching Social

There has been a distinct shift in social media usage in the past 12-18 months.

Aussies are spending nearly 2 hours a day on social media which is a HUGE amount of time to waste on something that gives you little in return. Research has shown that businesses of all sizes are pulling away from socials and there are some very good reasons for it.

Listen to why it is happening and the scary stats behind it all.

  • Where we are currently in the world post-pandemic
  • The many reasons why businesses are shifting away from using social media marketing
  • What to focus on instead

What now?

If you want help with your marketing, I would suggest starting with a 2-hour exploration session so we can uncover the missed opportunities and gaps that are costing your business. You will find all the details at or email me at

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