How To Use Webinars & Challenges To Generate Sales With Suzi Dafnis

Webinars are a great way of reaching many people at once. If you have not done them before, they might seem overwhelming at first. But by following a simple process, you can create a webinar.

In this episode, I am talking to Suzi Dafnis from HerBusiness about how to use webinars and challenges as part of your marketing.

Main Points

  • Why webinars a good place to start with building a relationship with a potential client
  • How to work out the topic you want to deliver a webinar on
  • The steps to creating a good webinar
  • The super simple tech & tools you can use
  • Is free better than a low-cost webinar?
  • Generating traffic and getting people signed up without running ads
  • What a challenge is and what can work well for B2B businesses
  • The process of creating a successful challenge
  • How to overcome the overwhelm when it comes to doing webinars and challenges

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