Sales Without Socials by Tanya Williams

Nail classic marketing moves without feeling the algorithm burn in just 15 minutes a day

If you feel mentally drained by being on the social media hamster wheel, struggle to keep up with the changes and cannot figure how to beat the algorithm, then this is especially for you…

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    Nail classic marketing moves without feeling the algorithm burn in just 15 minutes a day

    You are in the right place if this sounds like you:

    😔 You are doing what experts have told you or following what your competitors do… just because you thought that is the only way

    😔 You know there must be a better way, but you don’t know what to do instead.

    😔 You are sick of spending hours every week trying to get results on social, just hear crickets on your posts & wonder why it isn’t working?

    😔 You create content every week and do the same thing over and over, thinking & hoping something will magically happen to give you a different outcome.

    Why isn’t social media working for you?

    You are following all the expert advice, spending hours a week creating content, watching webinars, and reading blogs to find all the secrets that the social media gurus use…but nothing is working.

    You are frustrated, mentally exhausted, and feeling like a bit fat failure (because you see everyone else getting hundreds of new followers and likes and wonder what you are doing wrong).

    You have tired all the latest filters, trends, and tips, heck you even danced in a reel (because that is what everyone else is doing).

    But still …. Crickets!!

    No leads – no sales!

    Lots of wasted time and effort!

    Hey B2B Business owner, can you relate?

    So how do you fix the problem?
    (I’ve got some good news for you)

    This is probably you right now (am I right?)

    So, imagine if you could flip the switch on that

    What if I told you that…

    I'm Tanya!

    I love pink, wearing 4-inch heels and being the sparkly Chief of Everything at Digital Conversations. I wear many hats; multiple business owner, blogger, best selling author and marketing trainer, and am a Tradigital Specialists with over 20 years marketing experience (ouch makes me sound old – lol).

    I’m passionate about what I do otherwise, I’d be sitting on a beach or drinking Pina Colada’s and walking in the rain (wow, that sounds familiar). Working hard allows me to give back to the charitable causes that touch my heart and hopefully I can leave the world a better place than when I joined it. That’s my dream anyway…

    Let me introduce

    Sales Without Socials by Tanya Williams

    It helps solo service-based business owners master a reliable, consistent and repeatable way to generate leads and sales in 15 minutes a day (without posting on socials 5 days a week) so they can stop chasing algorithms and start effortlessly landing dream clients on repeat!

    What Makes This Course Different?

    SALES WITHOUT SOCIALSᵀᴹ is different because it teaches you how to transform your business growth without relying on social media or paid ads.

    Introducing the
    Tradigital Marketing Trifecta Framework

    There are 3 key areas we focus on in Sales Without Socialsᵀᴹ

    Creating Your Core Foundations

    Think of your core foundations as your abs. They are the core that helps hold everything in place and enables you to do more. Without your core foundation you will find it hard to do the other tactics (or exercises) you need to transform.

    High Impact

    Engagement is not just important on social media, it is equally important for all marketing tactics and you can getting crazy engagement levels that convert by focusing on high impact touchpoints that include IRL (in real life) tactics that convert

    Let's Get Visible
    (sing it Olivia)

    This is where the fun starts, and we amp up the volume to generate more eyeballs aka: perfect fit clients, on your business.

    Let's break it down for you

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    Circuit 1: THE WARM UP

    • Uncover the transformation you want to achieve & refocus your intention so that aren’t wasting time on stuff that doesn’t work for you
    • Unpack your current marketing to redefine your current marketing tactics
    • Determine what is working out so you don’t waste time on the wrong stuff (a bit like doing the grapevine instead of a squat)
    • Articulate your top 3 (more on that inside the program)


    • Unpack where your website is failing you so that you can reimagine and create a channel that works for you
    • Refine & reshape your website to attract the perfect leads so that you convert more into paying clients
    • Find the missing gaps in your core channels so that you can strengthen your cor

    Circuit 3: LET'S GET VISIBLE

    • This is where I uncover the Fit Five Formula so that you can dive deep into the 5 marketing fitness tactics you can select to get more visible so that more of your ideal clients can find you.


    • Learn social free sales strategies that work their butt off!!
    • A super simple idea that can generate thousands in sales in 48 hours
    • Walk away with high-impact creative ideas to deliver to target clients that they love and you will love creating.

    Circuit 5: THE COOL DOWN

    • Know how to keep consistent action for long term results so you don’t fall back into the same tired patterns as before
    • Add your repeater circuits and reminders to stay on track and keep building your marketing muscle

    PLUS, you also get

    What should all this cost you?

    Currently, to get access to my IP and unique framework and tools you would need to invest $1,500 per month for a minimum of 6 months ($9,000).

    Just the ‘Feel the Burn’ Strategies I share in Circuit 3 can make your investment back in 30 days and are worth more than the entire investment in the course (and that is just one piece) of the entire program.

    Ask yourself these questions:

    Instead, this is what you need to invest.

    OPTION 1

    Buy Now

    + GST

    NOW is the time to master a reliable, consistent and repeatable way to generate leads and sales in 15 minutes a day (without posting on socials 5 days a week) so they can stop chasing algorithms and start effortlessly landing dream clients on repeat!

    • Five modules
    • You will get worksheets for every Circuit in the program. This includes checklists, templates & suggested tools.
    • Save $184 of the full price of the course.
    • BONUS: Life Changing Marketing toolkit
    • PAY IN FULL BONUS: How to Confidently Create Video series
    • Access to Slack Community
    • Group Fitness class

    Pay in Full Pricing $1,397.00
    This is the BEST VALUE as you save $184

    OPTION 2

    3 payments of $527

    + GST

    EXTRA Support Option

    If you aren’t confident that you will complete this program by yourself then you can add the option to get extra support along the way. Hey, I get it, sometimes you need a cheerleader or sounding board to hold your hand and keep you motivated & moving.

    It includes 5 x 30 minute calls to address any questions, provide feedback and point you in the right direction. Upgrade to this option for $597 + GST.

    To upgrade, click the button below to send me a message and we will schedule in the time.


    Tanya is a wealth of knowledge in the digital space, her passion for digital is clear and her presenting style is energetic and engaging. Plenty of practical tips and ideas to improve your digital strategy!

    Watts Next

    She is able to demystify the often confusing world of digital and can deliver complex content in a fun and easy to understand is very well received.

    Learning Centre CPD

    Tanya’s workshop is informative, inspiring and enjoyable. I have lots of fantastic new ideas to add to my recruitment toolbox!


    Tanya is able to help the digital marketing “dummies” like me, no longer avoid taking advantage of this platform to promote individual or business brand. She makes what seems complex, simple which has allowed me to implement important strategies for myself and clients. Her passion is infectious. She is generous with time and knowledge and recommend her without a question!

    CEO – and Rec Tech Solutions

    Tanya Williams has her finger on the pulse of digital marketing. Working with Tanya is both a pleasure and and insightful, she knows her stuff! Tanya is engaging and passionate about her craft and brings a plethora of insights and expertise to this space. 

    Talent Blueprint

    Is This Program RIGHT for you?

    This program is right for you if…

    This program is NOT right for you if…


    How much time do I need to do this program?

    SALES WITHOUT SOCIALSᵀᴹ has intentionally been set up to allow you to execute the tactics in small bite-sized pieces which take 15 minutes a day. This gives you plenty of time to run your business and spend time on your life commitments. You have the power to decide how much time you want to dedicate to it. If you really want this you’ll MAKE the time. Success comes to those who prioritise what they want.

    I'm not tech or marketing savvy, does that matter?

    That's OK. you don't need to be! I teach you the marketing principles in a way that is easy to understand and SIMPLE. (I hate over-complicated fluff). The program goes through a step-by-step framework that is easy to follow. I use everyday language so you won't feel baffled or confused. Any tech tools that we reference are super simple to set up and use (I promise there is no fancy software involved).

    Are the strategies you share expensive to implement?

    NO, the great thing is many are free to do. You don't need to subscribe to fancy software that costs a fortune so you can eliminate that issue right away! The tactics that aren't totally free are really low cost but like anything if you want to upgrade to other versions, that is your choice to do so.

    SALES WITHOUT SOCIALSᵀᴹ will help you to master a reliable, consistent and repeatable way to generate leads and sales in 15 minutes a day (without posting on socials 5 days a week) so they can stop chasing algorithms and start effortlessly landing dream clients on repeat!

    A recap on what you get:

    Pay in Full Pricing $1,397.00 + GST

    Best Value as you save $184

    Or 3 payments of $527 + GST

    Don't YOU want REAL CHANGE?

    If you have been feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with social media for a while, don’t you owe this to yourself and your business?

    If you implement what you learn you can easily make your investment back in first 30 days.

    Do you want to continue on the social media hamster, not getting results OR do you value your time and want to only focus on marketing that works for your business?

    Imagine what you could be doing instead of wasting hours every week creating content and reels for socials (that gets no results for you) – time with your family, reading by the pool, shopping, lunch with your friends …. Sounds divine, doesn’t it?

    Where will you be in a year if you don’t do this?